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a domed basilica resembling S. Sophias Salonica, in plan and S. Sophia3 Constantinople3 in elevation. The side dome arches had double arcades in two stories, and above them windows in the dome arches. There are at present no traces of a western gallery^ but such may have existed below the present west windows. Later in the history of the church came alterations, which included the ribbed domes and the gallery on the north side. The side aisles still communicated with the church and the lateral chapels with the bema.
FIG, 103.$. SAVIOUR IN THE CHORA (restored bay).
The filling up of the arcades, the thickening of the walls, the isolation of the lateral chapels, the removal of the southern aisle> the alteration of the narthex, the building of the parecclesion and outer narthex, and most of the decoration which forms the glory of the church, belong to the great work of restoration by Theodore Metochites early in the fourteenth century.
The representation of the church in the mosaic panel above the large door to the church shows a building with a central dome, a narthex terminating in domed bays, and a window in the west dome arch, It seems to represent the church as the artist was accustomed to see it previous to the additions (Fig. 115),